Environmentalism Meets Action Sports

With breathtaking cinematography, The Radicals is a documentary film that follows four snowboarders and surfers driven to become social and environmental stewards through their connection with the environments in which they play. By enjoying and appreciating their natural surroundings, these awakened athletes introduce us to some of the worlds most dedicated activists and game-changing wilderness initiatives that can actually change the world.

The Radicals inspires us to shift our perspective, rise above the challenges of modern society and dig into our roots to create radical waves of change, while still enjoying the thrill of nature, gravity, and a sense of real purpose.



Xwisten Nation

Hydro-electric dams are causing the destruction of salmon habitats on their beloved Bridge River.

The Tahltan

Resource extraction proceeding without community consent in Northern BC has banded the people of the land together to fight for their rights.

Musgamagw & Namgis

Open-pen fish farms pollute the ocean and endanger the wild salmon as well as all the other wildlife that contribute to our ecosystem.

The Haida

The connection between land, art and culture runs deep in Haida Gwaii, a special place with a history that goes back 10,000 years.

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The team

Brian Hockenstein

Co-Director & DOP | Snowboarder

Tamo Campos

Co-Director | Snowboarder

Marie-France Roy

Environmentalist | Snow & Surf

Lenny Rubenovitch

Exec Producer | Snowboarder

Jasper Rosen

Social Steward | Surfer

Meghann O’Brien

Textile Artist | Snowboarder