Every Relationship Has A Responsibility

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Who we are

With breathtaking cinematography, The Radicals is a documentary film that follows four snowboarders and surfers driven to become social and environmental stewards through their connection with the environments in which they play. By enjoying and appreciating their natural surroundings, these awakened athletes introduce us to some of the worlds most dedicated activists and game-changing wilderness initiatives that can actually change the world.

The Radicals inspires us to shift our perspective, rise above the challenges of modern society and dig into our roots to create radical waves of change, while still enjoying the thrill of nature, gravity, and a sense of real purpose.


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The team

Brian Hockenstein

Director | Snowboarder

Lenny Rubenovitch

Producer | Snowboarder

Tamo Campos

Activist | Snowboarder

Marie-France Roy

Environmentalist | Snow & Surf

Jasper Rosen

Social Steward | Surfer

Meghann O’Brien

Artist | Snowboarder

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What we care about

The Land

Every relationship has a responsibility and it is our relationship with the land upon which we play that drives us.

The People

These lands have been traveled and lived on for millennia and must be treated as such.

The Arts

We are all artists whether we know it or not. Art and the human spirit are unequivocally linked and must be cherished and protected. 

The Wildlife

Before we travelled the land, the native wildlife roamed free, and they will be here long after we are gone. We must keep them safe and defend their home.

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The Radicals is made possible with funding from STORYHIVE and will be available for free on demand on TELUS Optik TV